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Louie and Ernie’s Pizza

The original Louie and Ernie were were brothers who started making pizza in Harlem in 1947 and moved their operation to the Bronx in 1959. They’ve been replaced by John and Cosimo, another set of brothers who started working for the founders in the eighties and bought them out in 1987. If you’re looking for old-school pizza, look no further–Louie and Ernie’s is a fabled institution. (1300 Crosby Ave., the Bronx 718-829-6230.)


In 2017, Simon Kim, who had turned heads in the West Village with Piora, turned to the cuisine of his homeland and opened what the New York Magazine restaurant critic Adam Platt described as “a steakhouse disguised as a Korean barbecue joint (or vice versa), a satisfying hybrid that instead of feeling like gimmickry or an exploitation of these two familiar genres, is an improvement on both.” The wine list is by Victoria James, and if you haven’t read her memoir, “Wine Girl,” you should! (Cote (pronounced like “coat”), 16 West 22nd St. 212-401-7986.)

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