il Buco

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If you are of a certain nameless generation, New York in the nineties was a special place (maybe a bit too special for those worked in publishing, but that’s another story). Among the city’s many delights back then was il Buco, where one could devour scrumptious food surrounded by rustic antiques (the place back then was a store!). The restaurant is still there–still serving risotto and crudo and other treats from around the Mediterranean—and still looking just as inviting (and the store seems to have moved up the block). The wine cellar was supposedly the inspiration for Edgar Alan Poe’s “Cask of Amontillado” and is most certainly stocked with more than 400 varieties. More than a dozen wines are available at the bar by the glass, making it easy to recapture those old feelings of optimism and opportunity in true nineties style–without much of a commitment. (47 Bond St. 212-533-1932.)


Signed fine art Giclee prints on museum-quality, one-quarter-cotton 280 gsm paper with archival inks are available in two sizes:

5 x 7 for $55
9 x 12 for $95

Editions are strictly limited to 365 copies, and each annotated print is a beautiful reminder that our days are numbered.

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