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P.J. Clarke's drawing

Latest Restaurant: P.J. Clarke's

Since 1884, the home of a great pour, a great burger, and more. Famous as a real-estate holdout, it looms in the imagination over a giant 1960's office building, standing as a testament to what makes New York what it is. (915 3rd Ave., at 55th St. 212-317-1616.)

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Capturing the Essence of Favorite Places

I roam the streets with my pen and paper, sketching the facades of beloved restaurants. Drawing in ink with no corrections and finishing the image with a single color, I create one-of-a-kind works that evoke fond memories of cherished meals together.

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Creating Limited-Edition Fine Art Prints

Bring home a beautiful reminder of what made your nights out so special. Each Giclee print is one of 365 and signed and numbered. The prints are great as unique gifts to mark important milestones - a first date, a deal closing, or a big anniversary.

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