Need a Gift Right Away?

Shipping FAQ

How Long Will It Take to Get my Order?
First of all, thank you for your interest! Drawing brings me inexplicable joy, and I hope my work does the same for you and that together we can help restaurant workers in their time of need. Typically, prints take at least two to three weeks to reach a buyer.
What If I Need Something Right Away?
You are in luck! I can instantly email you a custom gift sheet that you can print at home, roll up, and tie with a ribbon to present before your order arrives. (See here for an example.) It has the image you purchased plus a bit of text about the series and is the ideal placeholder. Just request it when you place your order. Hundreds of customers have been pleased with this option since I introduced it years ago.
Why Does It Take So Long?
I’m almost entirely on my own with this project, and I rely on the expertise of a fine-art printer to produce and ship the works. We are small businesses and are doing the best we can. We appreciate your understanding.
How Much Does Shipping Cost?
Recent events have pushed the flat-rate price to $20. I know this is a lot and I'm working to get it down but for now it is what I'm stuck with. I hope you can understand that I'm an independent operator and a small business doing the best I can to take care of my clients. Overseas it’s up to $65 at the moment and about $50 to Canada and Mexico. Inquire for details.
How Are Packages Shipped?
All work is sent by FedEx Ground domestically and DHL or UPS Internationally.
What About Returns?
It is rare, but it happens. One or two times, spouses have surprised the other with the same print, or someone wanting one restaurant has suddenly wanted another. If you still have the packaging material, you can mail the print back to me, and I can usually refund you, though there may be a $20 processing fee.