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Barrio Chino

The perfect place to start a long relationship, Barrio Chino is often hopping with young folks on first dates looking for a fix of Mexican food. The word online is that the enchiladas top the tacos, and, in fact, they rate an “OH HELL YEAH,” from Andrew Steinthal, who, writing in The Infatuation, adds that “you’ll come back for more of this bad boy. A traditional green enchiladas stuffed with shredded chicken and melted cheese, served with black beans topped with queso fresco.” Oh, and Barrio Chino is known for its tequilas. Just watch out how much you drink, or might end up with three kids, private school tuition, and a mortgage. Have fun out there. (253 Broome St. 212-228-6710.)

Signed fine art Giclee prints on museum-quality, one-quarter-cotton 280 gsm paper with archival inks are available in two sizes:

5 x 7 for $55
9 x 12 for $95

Editions are strictly limited to 365 copies, and each annotated print is a beautiful reminder that our days are numbered.

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