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The beloved Village institution Caffe Dante closed in the spring of 2015, but new owners took over a few weeks later. They may have trimmed the name a bit, but they haven’t gone short on honoring the spirit of the place. The original dates back to 1915, and was once the stomping grounds of Anais Nin, Ernest Hemingway, Robert Mapplethorpe, Patti Smith, Bob Dylan and many other beatniks, artists, and writers. Score one for the good guys. (Dante, 79-81 Macdougal St. 212-982-5275.)

Signed fine art Giclee prints on museum-quality, one-quarter-cotton 280 gsm paper with archival inks are available in two sizes:

5 x 7 for $55 (email me about this size)
9 x 12 for $95

Editions are strictly limited to 365 copies, and each annotated print is a beautiful reminder that our days are numbered.

I'm About to Go Draw Restaurants in London

(but if you need something quick, let's talk!)

I'll be back at the end of August, BUT if you have an urgent need for a gift, I can email you a lovely sheet with a custom image and a bit of text about the series that's perfect for printing at home, rolling up, and presenting with a ribbon.

I will then get you your actual print in September. Just repond to the email after purchase and I'll take care of you!

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