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Schiller’s Liquor Bar

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What’s that truism about real estate? “Location, location, location?” There must be something analogous for restaurants, because Schiller’s Liquor Bar, has a wildly complicated reputation for its bistro fare, but nonetheless has everything, it seems, to inspire great desire. And I don’t think this is solely because it’s on the Lower East Side. Schiller’s appeal has more to do with mystical and magic notions of being out, eating out, and getting out of one’s own head than anything else. It’s all about the experience, and it’s brought to you by the masterful culinary impresario and inventor of downtown, Keith McNally. God bless him. (131 Rivington St. 212-260-4555.)


Signed fine art Giclee prints on museum-quality, one-quarter-cotton 280 gsm paper with archival inks are available in two sizes:

5 x 7 for $55
9 x 12 for $95

Editions are strictly limited to 365 copies, and each annotated print is a beautiful reminder that our days are numbered.

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Ruth Reichl

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